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Using WooCommerce for a Monthly Candy Subscription

A few months ago, my girlfriend and I decided we want to start sending people Thai candy (not in a creepy way). We decided to call it From Thai With Love, and provide just one type of subscription for $14 a month.

From Thai With Love is a subscription club where you’ll receive a package of assorted, hand-picked Thai treats, once a month, anywhere in the world. We (Younwoo & Bryce) have lived in Thailand for several years and want to share with you all of the strange, unique & delicious Thai candy & snacks that we’ve discovered.

And it worked! We’ve slowly built up an awesome group of subscribers that slowly grows each month. But what about the technical side of things? Believe or not, the website actually took less than a day to build, due to the beautiful WooCommerce.

How about I explain to you in a little bit more detail how you can make something like this?


You’re going to need a few WooCommerce extensions to pull this off. You can try do it without them, but it’s not going to be as much fun. Personally, I recommend:

  • Subscriptions – A must have in general anyway, but an essential tool when it comes to building a subscription box website.
  • Skip Cart – This is a pretty cool free extension that does just one thing – skips the cart. As I only have one product available, I wanted to make the customer experience as easy as possible.
  • Checkout Field Editor – On that note, checkout field editor allowed me to cut down the checkout fields to the bare essential. Again, the customer’s experience was my priority, so I wanted to streamline the checkout.
  • Stripe Gateway – I doubt anyone will disagree with me that Stripe is by far one of the best payment gateways around at the moment. Secure and simple credit card transactions directly from my site, straight to my bank account, with Subscriptions support to boot! And it's free!
  • Pushover for WooCommerce – Special mention to this one. Not essential but I love getting notifications whenever a sale is made! :)

What about the button that automatically adds the subscription to the cart? Just find the product ID and make a link like:

The other cool thing I do is check for a user’s IP address and then show their country. It makes them feel all special and loved (when really, they are – I love all my customers!). To do that, I used something like this – PHP Country from IP.

There’s a lot more awesome stuff you could do with a candy subscription site, but I’m lazy and just want to pay for my candy addiction.

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