An introduction

Bryce Adams

I've run and setup quite a few e-commerce stores before. Most of the time, I was running and setting them up for other companies. One that always stands out would be From Thai With Love, a candy subscription box I ran with my girlfriend for 6 months or so.

At the time, I was a support engineer at WooCommerce. While the site brought in a bit of money, the real value for me was in the experience of running the store. I got to understand the issues plagueing store owners, discovering the best and worst things about WooCommerce. Running that store even ended up being a partial inspiration for Metorik itself. Every month I needed to export customer details for shipping the boxes and every month I dedicated hours to that simple task (which can be done in under a minute with Metorik, or instantly if you set up a recurring export).

Years later, it's time to start another store. This time, the goals are very clear:

  1. I want to demonstrate how Metorik can help a store grow and run more efficiently.
  2. I want to empathise with the stores using Metorik. As both store owners and Metorik users, where do they struggle the most? What could I add to Metorik to make their lives easier?
  3. I want to share the experience of starting and running a store. While I have the Metorik Behind the Scenes blog - where I can talk about the journey building a SaaS (software as a service) product - most of my users are building e-commerce stores, so it only makes sense to write about that, too!

I'll be documenting the entire journey. And like most e-commerce stores and businesses, it starts with a simple decision: What are we going to sell and how are we going to sell it?

What will we sell: LED dog collars

How will we sell it: Through WooCommerce (and Metorik!)

Let's get started!