Introducing Customer Timelines

Bryce Adams

When a customer contacts you asking for help with a recent order or has a question, what's the first thing you do? Look up their customer profile and order history of course.

While Metorik has had customer profiles since day one, each complete with stats like the customer's lifetime value and average order value, order history, and even products purchased, it has lacked one crucial feature up until now - customer timelines.

So we dedicated some time recently and build exactly this:

Customer timeline screenshot from app Customer timeline screenshot from app

Now each customer profile in Metorik has a customer timeline, where you can easily see a customer's entire history from when they joined to their most recent order.

We're showing a variety of events to start with, including:

  • Customer Joined

  • Ordered

  • Abandoned Cart

  • Subscribed

  • Subscription Ended

  • Received Email (through Metorik Engage)

More events are planned and will be added over time.

We hope this addition to Metorik will be useful to you and your team!

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