Hear from some of Metorik's fans

1,000+ stores rely on Metorik to run and grow their business. Likewise, as Metorik is 100% bootstrapped and profitable, we rely equally on our customers.

So we don't want you just to like using Metorik. We want you to love it.

  • The perfect software... doesn't exist, and Metorik is no exception. What IS an exception is that when there's something you wish Metorik did, Bryce is a real person! He'll call you up, figure it out and then ACTUALLY FIX IT, and fast! Unmatched experience across all software platforms, and we use a LOT of software.

    Kevin Macdonald | Director of Operations
  • Amazing work, amazing support!

    New features and improvements every week, this is the best tool for a WooCommerce store!

    Louis De Bentzmann Louis De Bentzmann | Founder
  • I have been using Metorik for more than a year, and I find it to be an amazing tool for analyzing my business. With all the filters and excellent report possibilities I can pinpoint areas of my business that are a waste of time, and others that deserve more attention. I have been using Engage to further convert customers, and the results have been outstanding. Metorik is worth every single penny, and then some.

    Maren Lie Solvang Maren Lie Solvang | Founder
  • Getting accurate data from an ecommerce shop is absolutely vital to its success. I cannot imagine trying to run my WooCommerce store without Metorik. Its incredible reports and forecasting are a godsend!

    Brian Richards Brian Richards | Founder
  • Product 10/10, Customer Service 11/10!! Absolutely one of the best free trials of a product/service I've ever had! Stunning.

    Simon Harper Simon Harper | Founder
  • If you have a WooCommerce site, get Metorik immediately. You're welcome.

    Peter Martin Peter Martin | Co-Founder
  • Man, @metorikhq is far and away the best eCommerce product I’ve ever seen.

    Value for money is off the charts.

    Mike Halligan Mike Halligan | Founder
  • Metorik is a terrific tool with very useful integrations and Bryce helps you make the most of it with fast and friendly customer support.

    Lisa League Lisa League | Founder
  • Really impressed with Metorik. Bryce and his team are creating a kickass product.

    Carl Hancock Carl Hancock | Co-Founder
  • Metorik is wondrous and amazing. Thanks so much for building this service!

    Tim Grahl Tim Grahl | Founder
  • Metorik has allowed us to keep track of our orders and customers in a great user experience. This highly improves what we can do with data from our WooCommerce back-end. We can turn that data into reports and filter to get down to what we need. Besides that the set-up is great and automation has even been fun to get started with. Though, the personal support has to be my favourite part of Metorik.

    Jan Kups | Founder
  • Whenever we need to accomplish anything in WooCommerce, we reach for Metorik first.

    Alek Hartzog Alek Hartzog | Web Developer
  • I’m absolutely blown away by my first interactions with Metorik. Game changing interactions and data for WooCommerce. I am in love.

    Brian Krogsgard Brian Krogsgard | Founder
  • Honestly so impressed by how easy it was to set up Metorik with my WooCommerce store! Excited to try this tool out, looks superb at first glance.

    Lene Elisabeth Eide Lene Elisabeth Eide | Founder
  • Metorik’s integrated Engage automation tools has been transformative for my WooCommerce stores. What makes Engage different is that I can build email automations directly tied to my customers behaviors and details with a level of intelligence I’ve never had access to in any other tool.

    Every week I’m finding new ways to use this tool.

    Craig Swanson Craig Swanson | Co-Founder
  • Before Metorik our company never had a clear handle on our revenue numbers… especially not in live time. Gone are the days where I wait for reports to load, wait a day for a bunch of exports to run, and all the while hating WooCommerce for not providing us with the information one needs to move quickly and decisively. Metorik is a game changer. When we started using Metorik we canceled 2 other services that cost more than Metorik and didn’t even come close to the value Metorik is creating. Try it and you won’t be able to live without it.

    Jacob S Paulsen Jacob S Paulsen | Founder
  • If you have a Woocommerce store then you probably hate your built-in analytics. @bryceadams's Metorik is a beautiful replacement for it.

    Jesse Hanley Jesse Hanley | Founder
  • Bryce is always available and super helpful. We at Jul highly recommend working with Metorik!

    Dvir Bach Dvir Bach | Product Manager
  • Metorik is an amazing analytics platform that allows us to track orders, customers numbers and much more. My employees are addicted to it and we are using it all the time. The best thing is the system's simplicity - a user can ramp up in a matter of minutes and simply start working.

    I have to mention Bryce's support and service - he gives an exceptional attention to my employees whenever we have a problem or inquiry. The response time is truly remarkable and Bryce is always knowledgeable and helpful.

    Metorik completely changes the way we see and understand our data at Jul. Honestly, I don't know what we would do without it.

    Nir Smadar Nir Smadar | CTO
  • Bryce always brings his A game to the table. Metorik is the best analytics software for WooCommerce.

    Shreyans Jain Shreyans Jain | Founder
  • I was looking for live & advanced WooCommerce reports, product stats, cart records and custom order export filters to assess my website marketing. Thankfully, Metorik does exactly that (and more). I knew I could trust absolutely anything coming from Bryce Adams!

    Rodolfo Melogli Rodolfo Melogli | Founder
  • Metorik offers great metric in an easy to read interface. It’s got the numbers I need and it’s a joy to use. I wish more apps followed this lead.

    Stephanie Stiavetti Stephanie Stiavetti | Founder
  • A very powerful analytics tool for WooCommerce stores!

    Mark Forrester Mark Forrester | Co-Founder
  • Brilliant platform – Metorik and this plugin works with no issues.

    Mark Studholme Mark Studholme | Co-Founder
  • Metorik has been a game changer for our business.

    For years we were battling with the lackluster reports that WooCommerce offers and struggling to fully understand our customers purchasing behaviours and how our business was performing (retention, frequency, etc).

    When I found Metorik I remember jumping out of my seat with excitement. The clarity and insights that Metorik provides has played a pivotal part in us growing our eCommerce channel many multiples over the past 12-18 months.

    After all, if you can't track it, you can't grow it. Metorik tracks it.

    Luke Hopkins Luke Hopkins | Co-Founder
  • Metorik makes it wildly easy to access and manipulate our store's eCommerce data. Not only is it fast and a huge time saver, we used Metorik to create several new customer segments and send targeted email promotions. It paid for itself several times over in the first week.

    Robby McCullough Robby McCullough | Co-Founder
  • I just wanted to say how much Metorik has added rocket fuel to our internal business operations. It's the missing piece in the WooCommerce puzzle. Many thanks for making it possible.

    Luke Malcolm Luke Malcolm | Director