Abandoned cart emails and cart reports for WooCommerce

Every customer journey on a WooCommerce store starts in a similar way. They enter the store, they learn about the product, they add it to their cart, and they (hopefully) check out and don't abandon the cart.

With Metorik, you gain unparalleled insight into that journey, and get a second chance to make that first impression count.

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We start by tracking every cart

As soon as cart tracking is enabled (it's completely optional, by the way), we start tracking every cart on your WooCommerce store.

All carts are sent behind the scenes with zero performance impact on your site. Metorik does all the heavy lifting within the app itself, away from your store, unlike most other WooCommerce abandoned cart solutions available.

Through a few different methods, we'll attempt to capture the email and name of the cart owner so you can later send them abandoned cart emails and hopefully recover their cart.

Cart email popup

Cart reports and insights

You'll also have access to real-time cart reports for every cart created in your WooCommerce store.

Easily see how many carts were started in a period, what percent checked out, and what percent were abandoned.

And once you start sending abandoned cart emails, you'll be able to see what number and percent of abandoned carts were recovered by your automated emails.

WooCommerce abandoned cart emails

Leveraging Metorik Engage, you can send custom abandoned cart emails to customers at different times after they abandoned their cart - all automatically.

You can choose to send different emails depending on what items are in their cart or how much they're spending.

Emails can include unique dynamic WooCommerce coupon codes and recovery buttons that will restore the cart in WooCommerce instantly for your customers. And each email sent is recorded and tracked so you can see which abandoned cart email converts best.

Cart recovery email through Metorik Engage

Manage and segment carts

Like all other WooCommerce data in Metorik, carts can be segmented and managed directly from Metorik.

Each cart also has its own page so you can see the items in a cart, who it belongs to, any abandoned cart emails sent for it, and manually get the recovery URL.

How carts came to be

Interested in how we came up with the carts feature and more details about it? Read the blog post here 👉

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