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Frequently asked questions

Before you get started, you may have questions. Here are some answers.

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Where are you located?

Our (small) team is located in Australia. 🇦🇺

Will I be charged when my 30-day free trial is up?

No. You can fully test out Metorik and all the features on our 30-day free trial without adding a credit card or paying a thing. It is completely up to you if you would like to carry on using Metorik after your trial has finished.

How can I pay for Metorik?

WooCommerce stores must pay for Metorik by credit card, either monthly or annually. Shopify stores must pay for Metorik through their Shopify bill on a monthly basis.

How do I downgrade?

If your average monthly orders over the last 3 month drops below your current plan's minimum, we'll automatically downgrade you the following month. You'll only ever pay the cheapest possible price.

How do you calculate monthly orders?

We look at your last 3 months of orders up to your billing day and find the average amount of orders per month over that period.

Why don't you offer smaller jumps between plans?

That's a fair question, and we know the jump can seem quite big between $100/m and $250/m. A long time ago, we used to offer smaller jumps, but people ended up changing plans almost every month and could never tell what they'd be paying, so we decided to change things. But if you're just over a level's limit, let us know and we'll try help.

Where's the free plan?

We're currently focusing on our paying customers so we can give every user of Metorik the best experience possible.

Is my historical order data included?

Metorik tracks every bit of data in your store (even if you have 100,000's of orders from years ago) and it does not cost any extra.

What if I go outside of my plan's limits?

That billing month, nothing will change. If it looks like the current month's orders will push your monthly average orders (over the past 3 months) outside of your current plan's limits, we'll let you know and the next billing month, your plan will automatically change and you'll be charged the new amount.

If I subscribe to a yearly subscription and then go outside of my plan's limits, what happens?

Every month, we'll check if your average monthly orders over the previous 3 months is out of your subscribed plan's. If it is, we'll change you to the right plan, charging or crediting you the prorated amount.

For example, if you started on a yearly subscription for $500/year and 6 months in, needed to switch to the $1000/year plan, we'd charge you $250 to cover the price difference over the final 6 months.

Similarly, if you needed to downgrade from the $1000/year to the $500/year plan, we'd credit your account with $250 that will be used towards your renewal the following year.

What if I have multiple stores?

You can add each one to Metorik and you'll pay one price based on the combined monthly order volume of the stores, grouped by platform (eg. one subscription for all your WooCommerce stores, and one subscription for all your Shopify stores). Read more about it here.

If you have more than 50 stores, you will have to subscribe to at least the 2,500 orders/month plan. If you have 100s of stores, you will need a higher plan - contact us to discuss options and enterprise pricing.


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