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Woo! With Metorik, running your store has never been easier. Real-time reports, infinite segmentation, product insights, customer tools, email automation, abandoned cart tracking, and 100's of other features.

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Metorik Engage gives you email automation superpowers. Segment customers by anything and automatically email them whenever they meet certain rules. Learn More 👉

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Metorik’s integrated Engage automation tools has been transformative for my WooCommerce stores. What makes Engage different is that I can build email automations directly tied to my customers behaviors and details with a level of intelligence I’ve never had access to in any other tool.

Every week I’m finding new ways to use this tool.

Craig Craig Swanson Digital Product Studio

Metorik has been a game changer for our business.

For years we were battling with the lackluster reports that WooCommerce offers and struggling to fully understand our customers purchasing behaviours and how our business was performing (retention, frequency, etc).

When I found Metorik I remember jumping out of my seat with excitement. The clarity and insights that Metorik provides has played a pivotal part in us growing our eCommerce channel many multiples over the past 12-18 months.

After all, if you can't track it, you can't grow it. Metorik tracks it.

Luke Hopkins The Protein Bread Co
Luke Protein Bread Company

For Understanding

Light Bulb

KPIs and reporting tools are a core focus of Metorik. There are various reports throughout the app with the sole purpose of helping you understand your store better, each accompanied by growth metrics and simple but effective filters.

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For Customer Service


Metorik provides numerous tools to help you provide better service. From integrations with several support systems to order & customer management tools right in Metorik. You get unlimited team members at no extra cost, too!

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For Acting On Data


Segment everything by everything at lightning fast speed. For example, filter orders by their value, item count, or products. Or maybe you'd rather filter through customers by LTV. All possible.

Learn about Metorik's segmenting & cohort tools

For Efficiency


Metorik is fast. Even stores with 200,000 orders a month going through Metorik think it's fast. Coupled with numerous tools like digests & integrations, Metorik gives you back your truly valuable time.

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Loved by many 😍

Metorik solves some pretty big problems for some pretty big stores. That's not something we take for granted.

Features that are asked for get built. Bugs that are found get fixed. And most importantly, Metorik's customers are our one and only priority. It's even how we define success.

A very powerful analytics tool for WooCommerce stores!

Mark Forrester WooCommerce Co-Founder

I’m absolutely blown away by my first interactions with Metorik. Game changing interactions and data for WooCommerce. I am in love.

Brian Status Post Status Founder
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1% of Metorik's revenue goes towards environmental projects that make a difference.
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Metorik bridges data from around the internet, defining your store through seamless integrations with other web services & WooCommerce extensions that take just moments to setup.

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