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like a true eCommerce pro

Your first 30 days are free - no credit card required.
Your first 30 days are free - no credit card required.
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Segment products

Use Metorik's segmenting system to filter your products, variations, and brands/vendors.

Inventory management

Easily keep an eye on which products are low on stock. Even set up a weekly automatic export with a list of your inventory.


Set COGS on all your products and see which are your most profitable and which might need a bigger marketing push.

Product Insights

A bird's-eye view
of all your products

Get a snapshot of which products or variations are selling-best. Even see which categories are performing strongest.

Individual product reports

Each product has it's very own page as well, giving you a more intimate look into it as well.

A bird's-eye view of all your products

Best selling SKU or size?
Worst performing category?

Next, use Metorik's segmenting system to gain deeper insights about your products. Find your best selling and under-performing products, variations, categories, and vendors/brands.

WooCommerce or Shopify

Out of the box support for WooCommerce variations & brands, and Shopify variants & vendors.

Best selling SKU or size? Worst performing category?

Compare your
products & variations

Continue your analysis by stacking your products against each other to see which are performing the best over time. Add as many products and variations as you like and see sales broken down by day, week or month.


Fancy yourself a data nerd? Hit the export data to continue your analysis in Excel.

Compare your products & variations

Reinvent your inventory

Easily see which products and variations are running low or are out of stock. And use Metorik's exporting system to automatically email a daily, weekly or monthly list of products below a certain level.

Inventory value

Our cost dashboard shows you your current inventory level, inventory cost value, and inventory sales value.

Product COGS

Measure your profit
with product COGS

Set your product COGS directly from within Metorik and then see profit, margin and COGS for all your products and variations. Learn more ->

Measure your profit with product COGS

Products Guides

See how you can get the most of Metorik with our guides.

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