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Get your ducks in a row with product & variation sales reports, product segmenting, products digests and product exports.

All your products at a glance

Metorik makes it painless to find your best selling products and under-performing products.

You can find a list of all your products and then filter them in a number of ways, finding products that sold over a certain number of times in a period or search by a SKU group.

Individual product pages

Each product has its own page in Metorik. There you can filter by dates and find sales just for that product and key metrics like the # sold or # orders, and how those KPIs compare to the previous period. You're even able to see recent orders made for that product, helping you find trends that otherwise may have been missed.

Variable products too

Historically, figuring out sales metrics for individual product variations has been a nightmare. Metorik solves this by showing you a breakdown of each variation's sales, and lets you filter reports to see just that variation.

Conversion Rates

Through Metorik's Google Analytics integration, conversion rates are included for each product. How many of the product's viewers end up buying it? How has that changed over time? All answered.

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Metorik offers a specific focused 'products digest' that you can schedule to be sent every day, week, or month at any time. Includes a summary of each product's sales, views, and conversion rates, and a CSV of all product sales.

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