Helping online stores since 2016

Hi. I'm Bryce. Several years ago, I played with WooCommerce for the first time. In a few (4) words - I was blown away.

In the years that followed, I worked directly for both WooCommerce and Automattic as a developer, spending my days trying to make the most popular ecommerce software in the world even better.

But there was an area in which thousands of stores struggled that I felt both an obligation and strong desire to improve - Analytics.

The first step to making anything better is understanding it. That's where Metorik comes in.

Want to learn more about Metorik's origins? Read the post!

How do you pronounce Metorik? It's kind of like Me-to-rik - "Meh" - "Toh" - "Rick". But it's open to interpretation! Want to say it with 2 syllables? Be my guest.

Metorik is brought to you by me (Bryce Adams). You can find me on Twitter.

Metorik Office

The (old/first) Metorik HQ in Melbourne, Australia ☀️

Metorik is a business operated by UJU PTY. LTD. (ACN 616 391 925) in Australia.

Metorik ® is a registered trademark belonging to UJU Pty. Ltd.

And Metorik is proudly bootstrapped! 🚀