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Automated email and coupon code sending for WooCommerce

Send targeted & customised automated emails to customers as soon as they meet certain rules, like when they haven't ordered in 6 months or when their subscription is about to be renewed.

It takes just a moment to set up but can bring you additional revenue and happier customers for years to come. Seriously.

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Powerful segmenting

Engage allows you use Metorik's infinite segmenting system when configuring rules for email automations.

This enables you to create highly-targeted email automations, with access to WooCommerce data like customer purchase history, order dates, subscription data, coupons used, how they find your store, and even custom meta fields.

Engage Filters
"Metorik makes it wildly easy to access and manipulate our store's eCommerce data. Not only is it fast and a huge time saver, we used Metorik to create several new customer segments and send targeted email promotions. It paid for itself several times over in the first week."
Robby Robby McCullough, Beaver Builder
"I just wanted to say how much Metorik has added rocket fuel to our internal business operations. It's the missing piece in the WooCommerce puzzle. Many thanks for making it possible."
Luke Luke Malcolm, Notch

Easily compose automated emails

Writing automation emails couldn't be easier with Engage. Simply give the message a subject, choose from a variety of layouts or use custom HTML, and write the message. We'll take care of everything else and make sure your emails look great.

You also have access to quite a few variables, which can be used to further personalise your emails, like the customer's name, location, order IDs, products purchased, and more.

Engage is a true WooCommerce email customizor solution.

Engage message builder

Include dynamic WooCommerce coupon codes

You can also include dynamically generated WooCommerce coupon codes with each email.

Easily customise the coupon code we generate, the restrictions of the coupon, and the type of discount.

Once you've configured a discount for an automation, we'll create a coupon in WooCommerce every time we send an email.

Engage discount maker

Reports, of course!

You can easily see stats about each email automation, like how many emails were sent, what percentage were opened, and how many sales it generated in WooCommerce.

Engage stats page
Custom to for Engage emails

Useful for internal emails too

When creating an email automation, you can choose to send emails to a custom address instead of customers.

This is a truly valuable feature if you ever need to send internal emails, like an email to vendors whenever their product is purchased, or notifiying a team member when an order seems suspicious, or after a customer spends a certain amount.

Read more about it here.

We speak your language

Engage is multilingual, so your customers feel right at home.

Any text shown to customers will automatically be in your chosen language, and our editor supports different text encodings you can write in messages in your language with ease.

Engage supported languages
Create an Engage automation from a template or from scratch

Templates make everything easier

When you create a new email automation, you're given the choice to create from one of the many templates we offer or create an automation from scratch.

We have templates for a variety of emails, including order follow-ups, contacting lost customers, subscription renewal reminders, and much more.

Read more about it in this blog post.

Best in class email delivery

Behind the scenes, Metorik sends all emails through your domain name directly. Our email provider Postmark is one of the best in the industry, with a strong focus on fast email delivery.

How Engage came to be

Interested in how we came up with Engage and the process building it? Read the blog post here 👉

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