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Built with agencies at the forefront, so you can provide your clients with the best service and reporting possible.

Built with agencies at the forefront, so you can provide your clients with the best service and reporting possible.

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"Metorik is the missing tool WooCommerce has always needed. eCommerce without advanced reporting is like a car without gas. Metorik's intuitive UX and powerful data segmentation is a game-changer for eCommerce sites."

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"As an agency owner with 18 years of digital marketing experience including being part of the Google Analytics product team, I have seen many tracking and performance measurement solutions. Metorik is one of the very best. It's extremely intuitive, fast, and customisable."


an edge case no more

We know that agencies can often be overlooked when it comes to reporting solutions and eCommerce plugins. That's why Metorik has several purpose-built features for agencies.

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Easily switch stores

One login, many stores

Spend less time logging in and out of your clients' stores and more time actually analyzing their data and improving their bottom line.

One login,

Long, long ago, I suffered along with limited WooCommerce reporting and wished for a better solution. Somehow, I discovered Metorik, and in an instant the skies cleared, birds sang, trees blossomed. I think there were a few rainbows... Metorik provided exactly the reporting of my dreams… and over the many years I have relied upon Metorik, it has only gotten better and better and better.

When Metorik introduced Shopify reporting, I couldn't believe my eyes. My digital marketing agency specializes in WordPress and Shopify, and now we are able to provide our clients with the absolute best reporting tool, ever. My clients think I'm a genius, which makes me feel pretty special.

Multiple stores

All of your clients together
in our multi-store dashboard

See all your client's metrics together in one dashboard — your agencies very own mission control. See combined metrics or a summary of each store. Multi-currency support and exporting built-in.

All of your clients together in our multi-store dashboard

Flexible billing
so you can get on with your work

We give you the choice on how you would prefer to be billed.

Either combine all your clients under one price and then invoice them yourself. Or set up each of your clients with their own separate Metorik billing account.

Either option is simple and gives you and your clients access to all the same features.

Flexible billing so you can get on with your work
... Case study

Specializing in building and managing eCommerce stores for craft breweries.

"We really love Metorik, we can do a whole lot of crazy stuff — it's an awesome product. And especially as an agency, it allows us to train our people really quickly, answer questions quickly, and actually provide accurate reporting."

Julien Melissas - Co-founder & CTO

Simple and flexible billing

Metorik's multistore billing allows agencies to pay one combined price for all stores added to their account. For Craftpeak, this resulted in a much more affordable price — compared to paying for each client individually. And importantly, although the billing is combined, each store has their own completely separate reports.

Team roles and permissions

While billing is combined — each store can have it's own team members, each with different permissions. This means, that team members from Craftpeak can be added to each of their client's stores as admins, and then set up their clients with only the relevant permissions they need. For example, staff in the taproom are set up with the packer role to fulfill pick-up orders.

Simple onboarding

For Craftpeak, it's important to have a quick and easy onboarding process for their clients. After creating their client's new eCommerce store, they internally train them up on how to use Metorik. For some clients, this means creating email automations and abandoned cart emails and showing them how to tweak them. For others, it's how to update order statuses, segment data, and export.

Multistore dashboard

As an agency, Craftpeak's success is determined by the success of their clients. Using Metorik's multistore dashboard, they can see combined metrics of all the clients. For example, they can see number of orders, net revenue, average order value, and new customers and compare these against their internal KPIs. And from a marketing perspective, these KPIs can be used to help sign new clients — for example, while the industry average order value is $x, Craftpeak clients have an average order value of $y.


Most used features

Multistore dashboard

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