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Keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

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I can't imagine running our site without Metorik. But what I truly love - and use many times a day - is the Zendesk integration, which makes it so incredibly easy to see a customer's order history when they contact us. The workflow for fixing their issues is so much simpler and faster when Metorik is used: you can get right to the issue and fix it.

John Montgomery - fxphd
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I've been using Metorik now for just over a year and it just gets better and better. I can't imagine working without it now. It's made analysing sales data a billion times easier and our customer service team love how quick and easy it is to find customers' information and order history when they need it.

Built to save you time

There's no replacement for good customer service. But good customer service doesn't have to take up all of your time. Metorik streamlines your customer service so you can get on with other tasks.

Supercharge with integrations

We offer one-click integrations with a variety of helpdesk apps, including Help Scout, Zendesk, Intercom, and more. Respond to your customers quickly and with the right information.

Segment to find your customers

Great customer service relies on being able to find out who your customers are quickly. Use Metorik's segmenting system allows you to apply an infinite amount of filters to find an exact customer or segment.


Integrations with the
best help desks

Our help desk integrations dramatically streamline your customer service flow. See a customer's orders, products they have purchased, and LTV directly in your help desk software.

And from customer and order pages in Metorik, view a customer's previous help tickets or start a new ticket.

Integrations with the best help desks


Metorik customer data in Zendesk and view Zendesk tickets in Metorik customer profiles & orders.

Help Scout

Metorik customer data in Help Scout and view tickets in Metorik customer profiles & orders.


Metorik customer data in Groove and view Groove tickets in Metorik customer profiles & orders.


View Intercom conversations and chats in Metorik customer profiles & orders.


Find any customer quickly
with our segmenting system

Good customer service requires you to be able to find segments of customers quickly. For example notifying customers who purchased a certain product about a delay or pulling a list of failed orders over the past week.

Automate with Engage

Streamline even further by automating some of your emails. For example, if a product requires certain extra information, send it as an automated email after purchase, rather than waiting for a customer to email you with that question.

Find any customer quickly with our segmenting system
Customer Timeline

Understand the context
with customer timelines

Each customer profile features a customer timeline, so you can see all interactions a customer has had with your store. This includes all orders they have made, subscriptions created and ended, abandoned carts, and all emails you have sent them through Metorik Engage.

Understand the context with customer timelines

There are very few products/pieces of software that are produced to the level of excellence that Metorik offers. Everything works -- seamlessly. It integrates -- perfectly. My customer service team uses it exclusively -- no slow WooCommerce backend. Rapid access to data, reports, and insights. Can't praise highly enough.

Streamline your customer service

We're so sure you'll love Metorik that you can start right now, for free, without a credit card - and use the entire product for 30 days.

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