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A video overview of every report

Metorik has countless reports, each truly valuable to your store. In the below video, we explore each report in detail. Feel free to skim through it before you get started with Metorik!

Custom dashboards

Included with Metorik are several pre-built dashboards, personalised to your store. But with very little effort, you can customise the dashboard to suit your store's needs.

You can also save multiple dashboard layouts and even share them with your team.

Learn more about custom dashboards 👉

Period comparisons & growth

It's important to keep an eye on the future and be optimistic about what's yet to come, but the only way to measure improvement is through evaluating and comparing the past.

Reports tailored to your store

What makes WooCommerce great is the level of customisation possible. Literally everything and anything can be tweaked, from how products are displayed to the order statuses possible.

That's all good and well until you need to try and figure out how much you've sold through the available reports.

Metorik eases the burden of customisation by giving you complete control over your reports, through numerous settings.

How? We give you control over what orders are included in totals, how 'net sales' is calculated, what date should be used for filtering, and of course, what customers and orders should be included in reports.

So? No more free customers and orders throwing off your key metrics like ARPU (Average revenue per user) and AOI (Average order items).

Sell in multiple currencies?

There are countless benefits to accepting multiple currencies in your WooCommerce store, but there's always been a big reason not to: Analytics. That is, until Metorik came along!

Reports, individual orders, digests, exports - everything - has multiple currencies and conversion rates taken into consideration.

Read our introduction to WooCommerce & multiple currencies 👉

Your bottom line 💰

Metorik integrates with the official WooCommerce Cost of Goods Sold extension. So now you can see the most important metric of them all: Profit.

Get a bird's eye view of your entire store's profit using the Profit Report. And see a month-to-month breakdown with the Profit Breakdown Table.

Read more about profit reports 💸

See the future! 👀

Metorik's forecast report puts you back in the driving seat with accurate sales, orders, and new customer predictions.

Additionally, you can alter the growth rate and other parameters used, so you can see what difference a higher/lower growth rate can make.

Read more about forecasting WooCommerce sales 👉

What's covered?

  • Orders Over Time
  • Sales by Hour
  • Sales by Day
  • Order Value Distribution
  • Order Item Count Distribution
  • Order Status Distribution
  • New vs. Returning Customers
  • Order Devices & CRs
  • Order Browsers & CRs
  • Order Operating Systems & CRs
  • Refunds Over Time
  • Best Sellers
  • Worst Sellers
  • Guest Insights
  • Customer Order Distribution
  • Compare Products
  • Product Sales Over Time
  • Variation Sales Over Time
  • Category Sales Over Time
  • Refund Rates
  • KPIs for Everything
  • Order & Customer CRs
  • Payment Method Distribution
  • Refund Order Time Difference
  • Time Between Orders
  • Customer Heatmap
  • Subscription Future Revenue
  • And so so so much more! 🎁