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Not just a summary

While Metorik digests are concise only take a moment of your time to digest, they are still comprehensive enough that you aren't left in the dark.

General Digests include everything from a summary to a chart, key KPIs to conversion rates, best selling products to top orders, while Product Digests focus on items sold, offering per-product sales & conversion rates and even a CSV export.

Exactly how and when you want them

Choose between the general, product, or subscription digest (with more on the way), the frequency and time digests get sent, and even where and how they get sent.

Digests straight to

There's a time and place for emails, sure, but sometimes they can be a little bit too private.

For a team that embraces transparency and open communication, Slack is often the only way.

In Metorik, you have the option to receive digests straight in a Slack channel or private group.

Includes Stats Too

Through Metorik's integration with Google Analytics, stats like your unique views, unique users, and conversion rates are always at your fingertips.

It gets better. You'll find those metrics in every digest too.

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