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All that ecommerce data without the ability to filter through it is useless. Metorik provides a robust filtering system, allowing you to segment orders, customers, products and more with ease.

Watch a video

More of the audio-visual-type? Here's a video that walks through everything Metorik's segmenting system can do.

Filter everything

As soon as your store's setup in Metorik, it takes moments to filter through everything. Orders, customers, products, categories, and even subscriptions can be filtered on so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Once you're done, focus in on the individual items or export everything straight to a CSV. You can even set up an automatic recurring CSV export.

Give me an example

Let's say you wanted to find all customers that have registered within the last year (so relatively recent), have spent over $100, but made just 1 order and their last order was over 6 months ago.

Once you have those customers, you can export them to a CSV, upload the list to your marketing app like MailChimp, and send an email with a coupon code to every customer.

Only do the work once

All of your filters can be saved instantly. Next time you want to use that filter, it's just one click and the filters have been applied. You can choose to share those filters with your whole team or keep them just for yourself.

Suggested segments

Creating segments yourself can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Out of the box, Metorik includes a collection of suggested segments that are tailored just for your store, along with a page that gives you the stats for every segment in one place.

You can even click on any segment to see which customers belong to it.

Even filter by custom order meta

Traditionally, WooCommerce order meta has been a burden of store owners. So much valuable information is stored there but yet it's almost impossible to filter on. Metorik makes order meta filtering a breeze.

What else?

Want to find high-value customers who haven't ordered in a while?

Want to see your best & worst selling products or categories in a certain time period?

Want to see failed orders for a specific group of products?

There are infinite combinations of filters. Really, it depends on your needs. Metorik provides the foundation and tools to find anything. Get creative and find hidden insights without going through your data by hand.

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