Reports and email automation for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Metorik makes it a breeze to understand your store's WooCommerce Subscriptions data, with access to real-time stats and reports like MRR, Churn, Retention, Cohorts, and more.

There's also subscription segmenting & exporting at your fingertips. And using Metorik Engage, you can easily send automatic emails for each WooCommerce subscription.

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Built for the official WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.

MRR? ARR? Active Subscribers?

Key metrics for any WooCommerce Subscriptions store, but impossible for stores to calculate - until now.

Subscriptions MRR report

We're not just telling you your current MRR or active subscribers though. Metorik takes a look back at all your data and provides historical stats for the lifetime of the store.

Subscriptions Active Subscribers report

Another useful feature here is the ability to filter all of the subscription reports by product and category.

Subscriptions report filters

Retention & Churn 🌀

When you offer a subscription product, it's crucial to know what % of customers are cancelling and what % of customers are staying.

Subscriptions Retention report

Metorik offers reports covering both of these metrics. Once again, they're calculated over time, giving you a bird's eye view of your churn and retention since the day you opened your WooCommerce store and started selling subscriptions.

Plan Breakdown

Metorik gives you insight into each of your store's subscription plans. In the subscription plans report, you can see the MRR, active subscriptions, and growth over time for each plan.

Subscriptions Plans report

Filter and segment your WooCommerce subscriptions

Ever wanted to find all subscriptions with renewals coming up? Or all subscriptions that were cancelled in the past week? Or all subscriptions for a certain product?

Thanks to Metorik's segmenting system, you can segment your subscriptions by anything, instantly, and export the results with ease.

Subscriptions filters

Metorik also includes a variety of suggested smart segments and a way to view the stats for every segment all at once.

Subscriptions segments

Each WooCommerce subscription has its own page in Metorik too, showing a summary of the subscription, any related WooCommerce orders, support conversations, and the subscriber's profile. Subscription details page

Insight into your active subscriptions

Metorik helps you have a better understanding of your active subscriptions, grouping them by country, state, payment method, and more.

Ever wondered which country most of your active subscribers are from or the most popular payment method? Now you know.

Active subscriptions grouped by billing country

WooCommerce Subscriptions Cohort Report

Every month, customers start new subscriptions on your store.

With our WooCommerce Subscriptions Cohort Report, you can visualise when subscriber cohorts are churning and how well you've retained certain cohorts.

It's also customisable and exportable, so you can analyse WooCommerce Subscriptions cohorts like never before.

WooCommerce Subscriptions cohorts report

Make the data come to you

One of our favorite features - digests - helps keep you informed about your store without you having to do anything but open an email or read a message in Slack.

Metorik also includes a digest tailored just for subscriptions, full of WooCommerce Subscriptions metrics and KPIs.

Subscriptions digest email report

We're serious about WooCommerce Subscriptions

Metorik works closely with Prospress, the creators of WooCommerce Subscriptions, to ensure our subscriptions integration has full compatibility with past and future versions.

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