It's common to offer a free trial at the beginning of a subscription. However, it can often be challenging to measure how many convert to a paid subscription and how many cancel.

In this guide, we will use Metorik's we have a prebuilt segment to look at trial conversions and then find the trial conversion rate.

Finding your trial conversion rate

Head to your Subscription segmenting page.

First let's find all subscriptions that had a trial, to do this add the _trial_period is not empty filter, then click the Segment subscriptions button:

Take note of the number in this segment which is 14 in this case.

Next, click the Choose a Segment button and select the Trial Conversions filter:

This will apply the following filters for you automatically:

The list of subscriptions you can see now are subscriptions that had a trial period and have at least 1 renewal order (ie. trials that converted to paying subscriptions).

The formula for your trial conversion rate = paid subscriptions/total trials x 100.

In this case, 4/14 x 100 = 28.57%

You can add other filters to this segment as well, for example, you could add the products filter to find the conversion rate for a specific subscription product.

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