Metorik Engage's (not so) Hidden Feature

Eric Berkhinfand
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While many of our blog posts are aimed at new Metorik customers, today we want to take some time out of our day to level up your Metorik skill level.

Engage is being used by hundreds of our customers on the regular to segment and target specific customers in order to send them an automated email for:

  • Tracking abandoned carts
  • Welcoming new customers
  • Contacting lost customers
  • Failed order reminders
  • WooCommerce order status emails
  • And many other automations unique to their store

But what if you want to use Engage to send an automated email internally to a team member when a customer meets a certain criteria? While sending an automated email directly to your customer is often the right course of action, there are certain cases where sending an automated email to a team member about a specific order/customer is the preferred move.

You can do this by choosing custom email address on the message tab when creating a new Engage automation. Instead of emailing the email attached to the order, the email will be sent to the address you entered.

Here are 7 use cases for Metorik’s automated custom email address feature:

An order is in processing for over 1 week

So a customer had made on order over a week ago and has made the payment, but the order is still in processing:

At this point your customer might be starting to get a bit antsy as they’ve paid, but their product is yet to be shipped. This is a good time to send an automated email with the details of this order to a team member so they can look into exactly why the product hasn’t been shipped. This could be the difference between a happy customer and a not-so-happy customer asking for a refund (or worse, leaving a bad review).

A customer’s total spend has just reached $1,000

One of your loyal returning customers has just spent $1,000. This is a great opportunity personally reach out to them and thank them for continuing to shop with you. Using Engage you can notify one of your team members as soon a customer’s spend hits that $1,000 mark.

A customer’s has just made a milestone order

Maybe instead of wanting to thank them personally when they spend $1000, you want to thank them on a certain milestone order. If a customer has just made their 50th order, a personal email from a team member will be better received than a normal automated email

For your store a milestone order might be a different number, so feel free to change 50 to whatever number feels right.

A customer has just purchased a certain product

Many WooCommerce stores sell unique, one one of a kind products. Think an artist that sells one of a kind paintings, each that are close to their heart. Engage could be used to notify the store owner when a specific painting has been sold, so that they can email or call that customer to say thank you, and maybe tell them a bit more about that specific piece of art.

A high-value order has just been placed

Let’s be real. There are some people out there on the internet whose sole aim is to steal your money. Often stealing happens in the form of fraudulent transactions. Imagine you sell mainly to customers in Australia and the average order value is $10. A new customer checks out as a guest, makes an order of $1000 and their billing address is in the USA. This would be a great time to automatically email someone from your billing or security team to look into the transaction ASAP to ensure it isn’t fraudulent.

Your customer just cancelled their subscription

While for bigger companies like Netflix or Amazon, a cancelled subscription may only warrant a standard ‘we are sorry to see you go message’, a smaller subscription store might benefit greatly from sending out personalised emails. Your job is to find out why they cancelled and to remedy it. A personalised email asking why will tease out the exact reason for them leaving and give you a better chance of getting them back. Often when customers realise that a company is made of real people who care, and not just a big corporation, they will be more likely to re-subscribe.

A customer with a total spend of $1000 or more hasn’t ordered in over a year

We all know that the best kind of customer is a returning customer - someone that has already shown trust in you and your product by punching in their credit card details. Ensuring your existing customers come back to spend more is likely going to be easier than acquiring new customers and could yield a greater return.

So a customer who has spent over $1000 and hasn’t ordered in over a year is likely the type of customer you should be trying to win back with personal emails (and maybe even coupon codes).

Let’s walk through the process of how this would pan out

First create a new Engage Automation:

Next let’s create the audience:

Then choose the team member to email when the automation fires:

And lastly, let’s draft up the email, using the dynamic variables of the customer’s name and email, so the team member knows exactly which customer the email is referring to:

Once a customer meets this criteria, the automation will fire and the email will be sent to

Now the Metorik team member can get in contact with Jarvis and hopefully get him back as a customer!

Pro Tip

Need to send a custom email to multiple people? Click the view advanced settings button and enter a 2nd email in the BCC field:

If you need to send to more than 2 emails, we’d recommend setting up a redirect in Gmail or your email client of choice, so it forwards emails sent to you by Metorik to other addresses.

Concluding Thoughts

Engage’s custom email fields is a powerful and often under-utilized feature in the Metorik community. We hope that maybe one of the above scenarios is applicable to your WooCommerce store and can help you win back some customers or avoid some costly situations.

If you are currently using Engage’s custom emails field for a scenario we haven’t listed and think others may benefit from it, feel free to reach out and let us know about it! :)

Happy Engaging!

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