Comparing two or more products' sales over time can help you make strategic product decisions for your eCommerce store. 

The Compare Products Report can be accessed under the Reports tab in Metorik.

The same analysis can also be done for your categories on the Compare Categories Report.

Choosing the products

This report is designed to allow you to compare product performance over time for a few products and variations.

You can simply begin typing the product name or the product id of the product into the search box and then select them one by one:

You can add as many products and/or variations as you'd like:

Then select the date range that you would like to look at using the date picker:

Graph options

You will then see the sales of these products both as a graph and table:

Hovering over any data point on the graph will show the specific sales for that period for the products.

Within the graph options, you can switch between Net Sold and Net Revenue values. You can also view the data by Day/Week/Month:

You can also export this data to a CSV file by clicking on the Export button.

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