A great stat to have for your business is to know which products are commonly purchased together. This gives you the knowledge to make the best product recommendations and upsells, offer discounts, and even make custom product bundles that are likely to sell well together.

Products purchased together

This information is very easy to find in Metorik by simply going to the Product Sales area and you will see the Products frequently bought together section. 

It will show a table of the most frequently bought products together with the option to include/exclude free products (they are excluded by default).

The most commonly bought together ones at the top, plus the number of times they were bought together displayed on the right-hand side.

You can use the date picker in the top right-hand corner of the page to change the date range that you are looking at, plus there is also the option to see the associated orders by clicking the View Orders text.

For any bundled products the 'children items' are automatically excluded from this report

Individual Products

You can also see this data for each product on the individual products page.

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