Download custom chart images in a couple clicks

Bryce Adams

Metorik has quite a few reports and charts. But since reporting is such a key feature of Metorik, we're consistently adding new reports like product velocity reports and profit/cost reports, and adding powerful improvements like report segmenting & filtering.

What good is a chart that no one ever sees though?

We've just added a simple but truly useful feature - chart downloading. Now on most charts in Metorik, you'll find a download button. Once clicked, a popup will open with the builder for designing the chart:

Chart downloader popup with all settings. Chart downloader popup with all settings.

You'll find a few useful settings for customising the displayed chart.

First up is the Card Title, useful for adding a custom title to describe the chart or provide a little more context.

Chart with Card Title setting filled in and displayed on chart. Chart with Card Title setting filled in and displayed on chart.

Then we've got the Background color picker. You'll find a few gradients to choose from, as well as a color picker for selecting any color you fancy.

GIF of chart backgrounds changing. GIF of chart backgrounds changing.

You'll then find a few other settings for customising the chart, such as the Show Y-Axis setting. This setting can be useful for hiding the revenue or other data point displayed, when you want to download a chart but keep it a little discreet.

For example, perhaps you wanted to share a chart on Twitter of your new customers over a given time period, but don't want to expose exactly how many new customers you had. By unchecking the Show Y-Axis setting, sensitive numbers will be hidden:

The other settings for Show Title and Show Dates can be useful for simplifying the chart in certain situations.

When you're done customising your chart, click the Download Image button at the bottom of the popup and a chart image will instantly download. Like this one:

Oh, and for the dark mode users out there (psst... post on that here), the chart download works there, and creates some pretty cool dark charts! ✨

Which came out like this:

We had a ton of fun building this! 🎉

I hope you find this new addition to Metorik useful.

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