The first 10 paying customers

Dec 23rd, 2016

Starting something new is scary. I've done it quite a few times now, especially with products, but Metorik is my first attempt at building something from scratch that I would be completely dependent on. Where failure wasn't really an option.

Today's a big milestone. Since Metorik went into beta months ago, many hundreds of users have taken it for a spin. In fact, over 100 stores are currently using Metorik on a daily basis. But many of the stores using Metorik today are beta testers. And when Metorik quitely launched last month, I gave beta testers until mid January to subscribe as a thank you for helping me test Metorik.

So that's why I'm very excited to have made it to 10 customers this soon. To me it's validation - validation that what I'm trying to do with Metorik is truly needed by WooCommerce store owners. It's support - the support I've been given day after day by so many people around me, from family to friends to colleagues to customers. But more than that, it's a reminder - a reminder that while starting something new is scary, that doesn't justify not doing it.

- Bryce