The First Hire

May 28th, 2019

This is a post I never thought I'd write. Longtime followers and friends of Metorik have probably thought the same. When I started to tell friends that I'd made my first hire, the most common response was "no way - I don't believe you". That's simply a response to how public and vocal I've been about my desire to build Metorik alone.

I've always been apprehensive about hiring. You see, I've never really gotten much joy out of being in control or a team leader. A lot of that stems from being a "control freak" but there's definitely more to it than that.

I've just never felt very comfortable with the idea that others are relying on me. Being the sole source of someone's income is a responsibility that I wasn't ready for. But now that I've become an "employer", I've realised that if anything (and especially with a smaller company), it's we as employers that are stuck relying on others.

Perhaps it's more than that though. For a long time, I had a goal. I wanted to try grow Metorik to a certain amount of MRR (monthly recurring revenue) alone, just to see if I could. It was in some ways a very personal challenge. For years, I watched from the sidelines as friends and strangers built fantastic companies from scratch, often alone, eventually generating $100,000s of revenue. I wanted that and I felt like I needed to accomplish that myself.

cartoon illustration cartoon illustration

In time, I got there. I'm not sure if there was an exact number but there was definitely a moment in recent months when I realised that increasing my MRR another 5% or 10% alone wasn't going to give me any more satisfaction.

I needed a completely new challenge. I needed to play a different game. But it had to be something truly difficult for me as an individual to accomplish. And when I thought about it, the only challenge that made sense was to see if I could achieve more with the help of others. To step outside my comfort zone and be better at not just delegating but also letting go and having faith in others.

It's possible that I will never have another opportunity like this in my life where I can develop these skills, so I have to seize it. I'm truly excited for the impact it will have on both me as an individual and on Metorik as a company.

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- Bryce