One Subscription: Multiple Stores

Bryce Adams

Today, a simple, but significant change went live on Metorik.

Introducing Companies

Up until now, stores have existed in their own little world inside of Metorik, with each store having its own billing & subscription. If you only have a single store on Metorik, this hasn't been a big deal, but for those with multiple stores, this has always been a bit of an issue, since you've had to pay for each store separately in Metorik.

As of today, Metorik now has companies. Each store in Metorik is owned by a company. All the features you know and love about stores, like integrations, team members, etc., will stay the same. The important change has to do with your subscription & billing. That will now happen at the company-level, with the price determined by the total monthly volume of all the stores in a company.

Introducing Admins

Before this change, each store in Metorik had a single 'owner', responsible for the settings, team members, integrations, and more.

Now, you can optionally give team members the 'admin' role, which gives them complete control of a single store's settings.

What's changing for you?

If you only own a single store under this email address in Metorik, not much. But going forward, it will be much easier for you to add additional stores to your company and you can now give team members the 'admin' role, so they can manage the store in Metorik for you.

If you own multiple stores, we'll reach out to you personally over the next couple days with some more details about the change and what's actually changing for you.

Some Questions & Answers

Will Metorik cost me more now? Nope! Actually, it should end up being cheaper for you in the long-run.

Can I still transfer ownership of a store? Stores are now owned by companies, so not really. If you need to transfer a store to another company, please message us on live chat and we can transfer it for you. You can also transfer ownership of the company to another user. They'll need to be an admin on every store owned by the company first.


I know this is a bit of a confusing change, but it's an important one, which will hopefully make Metorik more affordable for you and other store owners.

If you have any questions at all about it, please send us a message on the live chat and we'll help you out right away.

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