Getting started with Metorik

Bryce Adams
Founder | Metorik
Eric Berkhinfand
Head of Marketing | Metorik

If you're either thinking about trying out Metorik or are just starting your trial — this webinar is for you. We will cover all the main features of Metorik so that by the end you will feel like a seasoned user.

This webinar covers:

  • Use and customize the Metorik dashboard.
  • Navigate the reports section.
  • Segment your data.
  • Export your data to a CSV.
  • Track your carts and report on them.
  • Set up a customized sales report.
  • Set your product costs and see your profit.
  • Switch between multiple stores and use the multistore dashboard.
  • Customize your Metorik experience by tweaking your settings.

Want to try Metorik today?

We're so sure you'll love Metorik that you can start right now, for free, without a credit card - and use the entire product for 30 days.