Support integrations for WooCommerce

Tools to manage your WooCommerce store and integrations with the leading support systems to take data in and out of Metorik.

- And even more -

Manage WooCommerce Orders

Every order is available in Metorik in real-time. You can easily update (and bulk-update) an order's status, order notes, or even tracking number.

Additionally, in just seconds you can segment through all your WooCommerce orders by order value, products, and more, before exporting them to a CSV.

Manage WooCommerce Customers

The same applies to your store's customers. Not only can you filter, sort, and export customers, you can even favorite them.

Each customer also has their own profile in Metorik, filled with their profile, KPIs, products, and order history. From there you can also add customer notes for later reference.

Everyone on your team

Whether you're running a store solo or bringing your team, Metorik has your back through its team system. Each store can have unlimited team members at no extra cost, each with their own role & permissions. No more sharing sales reports with your support reps and no more analytics modifying orders by accident.

Customer data in your support system

What's the first thing you do when a customer contacts you about an order? Look up the order, the items purchased & their information in WooCommerce.

That takes time though. Time better spent crafting the perfect response and solving your customer's issue.

Metorik integrates with your existing support system to show customer data right alongside support tickets. Data like their contact information, lifetime value, order history, products purchased and more, instantly at you and your customer service teams' fingertips.

Your support system in Metorik, too

On every order and customer page, you'll be able to see past interactions with that customer right there in Metorik.

Similarly, if you're looking at a customer's profile and feel like reaching out to them, you can do that right from Metorik. Simply enter a message and hit send - behind the scenes Metorik will create a ticket or conversation in your support system and contact the customer.

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