Products Sales by Brand and Vendor

Bryce Adams

Metorik has always featured a variety of reports that give you insights into your best and worst selling products, variations, and categories. But one report we've lacked over the years is a report that shows you sales for each of your brands. Until today!

For WooCommerce stores, we integrate with the official WooCommerce Brands plugin, which allows you easily set each product's brand right in your WooCommerce admin.

For Shopify stores, we integrate with the existing Product Vendor field set on each product and refer to the report in Metorik as the Vendors Report and brands as vendors.

The new report can be found in the sidebar or accessed directly here. When you enter the report, you'll see a list of all your brands and the sales for each one in the selected date range:

Like every report in Metorik, you can export it to get a CSV file with all the brands and sales numbers.

One feature that won't go unnoticed if your store uses our profit reports feature is the COGS, Profit, and Margin columns. These columns should prove useful for finding your most profitable and costly brands.

Another feature we added is the ability to segment products and variations by brand. This can be helpful if you want to view product or variation sales just for a certain brand or set of brands:

This new feature is now available for all stores using Metorik. If you're a WooCommerce store that doesn't yet use WooCommerce Brands, you can purchase it here and read more about it in our help docs here.

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