A New Public Roadmap

Bryce Adams

Metorik has always had a public roadmap, where you could view what's coming, make suggestions, and vote for the ideas you love. I've always believed that the key to building a great product is to focus on the customer, so having a roadmap where I could interact directly with customers has always been an obvious decision.

For a long time, that roadmap lived within a fantastic app called Canny. Using an external app like Canny made a lot of sense as I didn't have time to build something in-house and it had all the features I wanted in a roadmap tool.

Fast forward a couple years and Metorik is a very different company with different needs. When it came time to renew our annual subscription for Canny I realised that for a smaller company like Metorik, it was overkill. I just wanted a place where we could:

  • List out all the features we're working on.

  • List the ideas we have and what's planned.

  • Let customers - real users/customers that have accounts - vote for ideas they want to see built.

  • Let customers suggest ideas.

And I wanted to do it all right within the app!

So I spent the last few days building exactly that. Existing Metorik users can access it here or you check it out below:

Eric and I have started to add the top-voted ideas and we'll continue to add from our archive of customer-suggested ideas and any new ones that come in.

Importantly, we believe having the roadmap right within the app will hold us more accountable. While we can't build everything, and we need to prioritise (as I wrote about 18 months ago), there are many features to come.

I can't wait to build them in public with the best audience a team could ask for!

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