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Welcoming Eric

As of May 1st, you'll be seeing a new face and name in support, on the blog, and on Twitter. His name is Eric.

I've known Eric for over 20 years now. In fact, our friendship started back when we couldn't really talk! Over the years we've studied together, travelled together, and supported each other whenever possible.

As Metorik's grown (thanks to all of you), so too has the work required to keep it running smoothly. Eric is going to play an invaluable part in helping each and every one of you succeed with Metorik, while I'll have more time to focus on the business and coding side of things.

I'll keep it short as we've (both!) got to get back to work. And we'll both be chatting with you all soon!

Introducing Metorik


A single dashboard unifying your store's orders, customers, and products, helping you understand your data and make more informed decisions.