Metorik and Shift

Bryce Adams

Over the past few months, a few of you reached out and asked when Metorik would integrate with Shift. Of course, I get a lot of integration requests and often I'll just make a note of it and then when the time comes and I'm ready to add another integration, I'll see which has been requested the most.

Shift was a little different in that I received several requests for it in a short timeframe, and I'd personally used and really admired the product. Basically Shift integrates with all the apps you use on a daily basis: Gmail, Calendars, Trello, etc. - giving you a single desktop app to manage them all from and easily switch between them.

And now, Shift integrates directly with Metorik (big thank you to Nadia and the team for adding it so quickly after I reached out)! So you can now use Metorik within a desktop app and easily switch between Metorik and the other apps you use on a daily basis.

After you've added Metorik as an app within Shift, you'll be able to login and have it appear alongside your other apps:

Better yet, with Shift you can add multiple 'instances' of the single app. So you can add a Metorik app for one store and another one for a different store, and then easily switch between them all within the desktop app.

Tip: Try inviting and adding a new Metorik user account that you'll log in to for accessing the second store.

You'll need to be a subscriber of Shift Advanced to add the Metorik app, but it's quite affordable and better yet, Metorik customers can access a coupon from their store's integration settings page.

Want to try Metorik today?

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