A Multistore Dashboard for WooCommerce

Bryce Adams

Phew. This was a tough feature to add, but I'm so happy it's finally here.

Do you run multiple WooCommerce stores? If so, have you always dreamt of seeing the stats for all stores together? Or maybe your dreams aren't as strange as mine. But either way, if you run more than one WooCommerce store, you'll be excited about Metorik's latest feature: The Multistore Dashboard.

From day one, Metorik always supported adding more than one store. You'd simply switch between them from the store switch dropdown. Even when it comes to Metorik's pricing, it's based on your overall/combined store volume, not the individual stores.

With the new multistore dashboard, you can finally see all of your stores together in one place. No more switching, no more countless tabs. Just one page for absolute clarity.

At the top, you'll find an area with overall totals for all your stores:

Of course, like in all other parts of Metorik, you change the date of the report by using the date range picker in the top right of the day.

Below that, you'll see a breakdown of stats for each store.

Above you'll find the card layout, but depending on how many stores you have, you may prefer to switch to the table layout:

What if you sell in multiple currencies? By default, we'll use the most common currency from all your stores but you can change this by selecting a different currency from the dropdown. We'll then convert the numbers using the latest exchange rate.

You may have noticed above in some of the screenshots that it was showing profit metrics for one of the stores.

Around a year ago, I released Metorik's profit reports feature. The good news for any Cost of Goods users is that the multistore dashboard also features profit reports.

This lets you see profit metrics on an overall basis for all stores, as well as per-store in the card and table layouts.

Another handy feature, especially for those with several stores, is the Export feature. When you click the export button above the list of stores, a CSV file will be downloaded that contains each store's data.

A final nifty feature is the ability to search customers across all your stores at once with our multistore customer search:

As per usual, this feature is a work in progress. There are several additions planned for it over the coming months, including showing growth metrics (comparing data to another period across all stores), customer-related data, and mobile improvements.

Customers who already have several Metorik stores can start using the multistore dashboard immediately, and if you aren't using Metorik, try it out for free now.

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