Our New Digest System is Here

Bryce Adams

I started work on this feature half a year ago. Recently I began to feel like a broken record whenever friends and customers would ask me what I've been working on.

"Digests, still?"

Adding new features to an app as big as Metorik is a challenge in itself. There are thousands of you relying on Metorik every day, and we don't like to rock the boat too much. It's an especially big challenge when we add a new feature that already exists and want to make the transition seamless.

Digests are what we call the reports you get sent by Email or Slack every day, week, or month. It's been a core feature of Metorik since day one, but sadly hasn't really changed much since day one. While Metorik as a whole moved forward and grew, digests stood still and barely improved.

But as of today, that's no longer the case. Our new digest system is finally live for everyone and I'm excited to tell you all about it.

To start, let me show you what the default report looks like now. This is what you and your team would receive by email as often as you'd like:

That's only half of it - the rest is filled with useful data like top selling products, subscription metrics, cart stats, and more.

If you're already a Metorik user, you may recognise the design. We modelled it directly off our custom dashboard feature, so you'd feel right at home. It even adapts if you're looking at it on a smaller device like a mobile.

In addition to this general report, we have a couple other pre-built reports, like one focused on products and another just about subscriptions.

You may have noticed in the above screenshot that you can customise the report. And when we say customise, we mean it. You can build a fully custom report from scratch, including whatever data is important to the person receiving the report. Much like our custom dashboard feature, digests are completely customisable.

Want to just include a couple specific metrics and then a list of today's orders? Easy. Want to remove a few stats from the pre-built report so your team can focus on the numbers that matter to you? No problem.

Perhaps one of the coolest features is that you can combine Metorik's segmenting system with custom digests. So if you were to create a segment of perhaps lost high LTV customers who bought a certain product:

You could then display key metrics for that segment right in a custom digest:

You can even include a list of customers from that segment:

The same applies for any segment, from order segments to product segments to subscription segments.

Let's back up a bit. While we've covered the flexibility of customising digests, we haven't talked about how sending them actually works.

You have the choice between receiving the digest by email and receiving the digest by Slack.

And if you're receiving it by email, you can choose to send it to the whole team automatically:

In terms of how often you receive the digest - well, that's up to you. You can choose to receive it every day, every week, or every month:

And finally, you have complete control over which digests you receive. So you can easily subscribe and unsubscribe from digests you and your team have set up:

I'm beyond excited to be writing about this today. I truly believe this is one of the best features we've ever added to Metorik and I still have quite a few additions I want to make to it (like letting you use a custom dashboard layout you've already built). Stay tuned! 😊

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