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Woo! With Metorik, running your WooCommerce store has never been easier. Real-time reports, infinite segmentation, product insights, customer tools, email automation, abandoned cart tracking,
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Metorik is your WooCommerce co-pilot.

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Customers are our focus

Metorik is tasked with solving some pretty big problems for some pretty big WooCommerce stores. That's not something we take for granted.

Features that are asked for get built. Bugs that are reported get fixed. And most importantly, Metorik's customers are our one and only priority. They are what keeps our heart beating and even how we define success.

Recent Customer Story
Output: A modern take on music production
"Another huge feature for us is segmentation. As we sell multiple products, we often have questions that we need to answer. The segmenting system really helps us answer these types of questions quickly and efficiently." Keep reading...
Brian Zarlenga, General Manager
  • Metorik is a terrific tool with very useful integrations and Bryce helps you make the most of it with fast and friendly customer support.

    Lisa League Lisa League | Founder
  • I have been using Metorik for more than a year, and I find it to be an amazing tool for analyzing my business. With all the filters and excellent report possibilities I can pinpoint areas of my business that are a waste of time, and others that deserve more attention. I have been using Engage to further convert customers, and the results have been outstanding. Metorik is worth every single penny, and then some.

    Maren Lie Solvang Maren Lie Solvang | Founder


Metorik bridges data from around the internet, defining your store through seamless integrations with other web services & WooCommerce extensions that take just moments to setup.

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1% of Metorik's revenue goes towards environmental projects that make a difference.
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